Web 2.0 Tutorials



Amy Erin Borovoy from Edutopia has spent her own time putting together a tremendous You Tube playlist of instructional videos about using cool tools.  When faced with one more PD class that is not useful for school librarians, take off on your own for YouTube and make your own PD using the link above.

Dec 04

New service to help struggling readers

Learning Ally, a nonprofit organization serving 300,000 children and adults across the U.S. who have visual, learning and reading-based disabilities, has transformed its website and launched significant new features and services to further benefit its members, as well as parents and teachers.


VOICEtext provides sentence-by-sentence highlighting of text on the screen in sync with audio narration. In initial stages, this feature will be incorporated into a limited selection of titles in Learning Ally’s library, will expand into more titles over time, and will benefit many individuals for whom a multi-sensory approach to reading is recommended.

Nov 27

APP training from ISTE

Webinar from our friends at ISTE and SIGMS:


When: November 29th at 8:00pm ET/7:00pm CT/6:00pm MT/5:00pm PT

Presenter: Liz Walhof & Kiffany Lychock

Kiffany Lychock and Liz Walhof are professional development coordinators in Douglas County School District in Castle Rock, Colorado. They each have a dozen years of teaching experience (secondary level and with adult learners) are part of a team that helps to create and facilitate professional development for their district. They are both self-professed geeks who conduct PD face to face, blended, and online.

Description: Wondering how to use social networking in a way that’s safe and easy? Looking for ways to engage your students in learning through methods that appeal to them? Come and learn about how to use Edmodo in the classroom (elementary & secondary) to engage learners, make access to resources easy, and extend learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. http://1toolatatime.wikispaces.com/home

This webinar is part of the 1 Tool at a Time Webinar series http://1toolatatime.wikispaces.com/ hosted by SIGILT and SIGMS.



Nov 07

For your ELL teachers

ISTE member Juan Venegas uses Toontastic, an animation app for the iPad, to make learning fun for his ELL students in Houston, Texas. His students use the app to create cartoons and then record their stories. It provides an easy way for Venegas to assess his students’ speaking skills without them ever knowing they are being tested, and everyone has fun hearing the inventive stories!