The New Jersey Study of School Libraries: One Common Goal – Student Learning

Although numerous studies of school libraries in other states have proven that well-funded, well-staffed school library programs have a positive impact on student achievement, a 2008 meeting with Lucille Davy, then NJ Education Commissioner, prompted NJASL to commission a New Jersey study to clearly answer the following questions:

  • What does a good school library look like?
  • What role does a good school library play in educating NJ students?

A team of researchers from the Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries (CISSL) at Rutgers University undertook an intensive two-phase study of the place of school libraries in the New Jersey educational program. The lead researcher in the study, Dr. Ross Todd, reported “the findings show that New Jersey school libraries and school librarians contribute in rich and diverse ways to the intellectual life of a school, and to the development of students who can function in a complex and increasingly digital information environment.”

7 thoughts on “CISSL Study

  1. What great findings! Thank you to the NJASL for supporting this study! I’m sure there are plans to publish the findings in other professional and scholarly journals. Please keep us posted!

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  5. Could someone in your program address SGO’s for school librarians. We are being accountable for 15% of student growth and 85% for observations. These SGO, student growth objectives will play an important role in keeping or jobs. SGO’s being September 2013 and will continue for many years.
    Please address this soon, it’s coming faster and faster for all school librarians. Many districts are requiring SGO’s now as a foundation for september. Thank you.

  6. I am a high school librarian and I will be required to write an Student Growth Objective next year. The longest period of time that I have the same 20 kids 3 days in a row will be in September for library orientation. We have flexible scheduling, as do most high school libraries. What are other librarians planning for SGOs?

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