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for our speech teacher colleagues, excellent resources for the study of presidential speeches, especially inaugural addresses.

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Jan 23

Pew Research Center’s New Section:

Pew Internet & American Life Project

Latest survey release: January 22, 2013

Patrons welcome new technologies, but still want the printed book to be the primary library resource.  The  survey is titled “Library Services in the Digital Age”.  Although the participants are discussing public libraries, the results are highly relevant to school libraries.

If you haven’t taken a look at the website yet, do take a look now.  With the new library section, all their studies of libraries and librarians are right up front.  Love the Pew.

AASL eCOLLAB posts Fall Forum talks


Selected AASL Fall Forum talks are now available on eCOLLAB.

Henry Jenkins (Opening Presentation)

Henry Jenkins shares his extensive expertise on participatory culture and help school librarians establish themselves as leaders when collaborating with teachers to plan and teach new media literacies to students. Jenkins directly engaged with attendees to develop strategies that effectively integrate these skills into subject areas across the curriculum and outline how to best use online social networking tools to reinforce student learning.

Kristin Fontichiaro

Kristin Fontichiaro worked with Fall Forum attendees to deconstruct the concept of transliteracy into smaller, more manageable facets. With Fontichiaro’s guidance, attendees built a definition of transliteracy and a supporting vocabulary that will help school librarians better connect curricula to the multimedia world of their students. She focused on the inquiry and rigor of assignments and how to collaboratively work with teachers to empower students with transliteracy skills.

Barbara Jansen

Barbara shares practices that she has used to promote a participatory school library program. She also shares strategies that start conversations with teachers about using new media tools and resources in rigorous and meaningful ways to build subject area knowledge while developing 21st century skills. Barbara’s presentation builds on the concepts and strategies presented by Henry Jenkins and Kristin Fontichiaro.

Henry Jenkins (Closing Presentation)


Google Advanced Search Cert Program to Begin 1/23


The Advanced Power Searching class will start
next Wed., January 23, 2013. It will run through February 8, and you can do the
work pretty much self-paced during the span of the course.

The course focuses on solving multi-step research questions, and was designed
with researchers in mind.

Please find more information here:
Register here:

Jan 14

Highly recommended webinar

The ALA Washington Office will host a free webinar at 4:00 PM EST on January 17 titled “The Fiscal Cliff, the 113th Congress and You – How What’s Happening in DC Might Impact the Library Community.” The webinar will be led by “Advocacy Guru” Stephanie Vance and will look at cuts to library funding and changes to policies impacting libraries.

Stephanie Vance is highly knowledgeable about DC politics and an outstanding presenter.

Web 2.0 Tutorials



Amy Erin Borovoy from Edutopia has spent her own time putting together a tremendous You Tube playlist of instructional videos about using cool tools.  When faced with one more PD class that is not useful for school librarians, take off on your own for YouTube and make your own PD using the link above.